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We're PreOperative Performance

Based in Toronto, Canada, we are a seed-stage medical device company with unique, proprietary technology that supports MR scan accuracy.

We provide enabling technology to clinical and research teams for:

  • MRI quality assessment, validation and method development
  • Imaging biomarker studies and experimental control groups

Our vision is for every patient and clinician to enter treatment with the confidence that the best-possible MR data is being used. In the long run, we want our products and programs to help accelerate the rate of successful outcomes from neurosurgery.

In the long run, we want every neurosurgical plan to be made using validated MRI data, so that clinical teams can be sure that they’re using the most up-to-date, accurate information to deliver the best possible care.

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Fergal Kerins
Founder and Managing Director

Fergal Kerins has spent over 15 years in product development and research roles in the Toronto start-up sector, including structural colour materials and nutraceutical product development sectors, and over eight years in neurology and neurosurgery focused medtech with a focus on realistic simulation products that separate the risk to patients from the training of surgeons in new workflows.

Through many conversations with neurosurgeons and healthcare professionals, it became clear that neurologists and neuroradiologists have very limited time, with significant hours devoted to staying current in a fast-moving clinical speciality.

These specialists have an immediate need for new phantom instruments for MRI applications, but also for a cross-functional, collaborative approach to delivering these products. Kerins and the PreOp team aim to support neurological communities in delivering personalized, and highest standard of care.

“Better outcomes from neurological procedures give patients a high quality of life, create high performing clinical teams performing optimally and lower costs for healthcare systems. “

Fergal Kerins

PreOperative Performance is a MaRS Discovery District client and current member of the Biomedical Zone accelerator program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).  

We are also participating in the Ontario Bioscience Innovation Oraganization’s (OBIO) Early Adopter Health Network (learn more).

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