Discover our diffusion phantom program

With our technology, you can create modules representative of white matter tissue, and its response to diffusion MR imaging protocols with a high degree of accuracy and predictability.

Our phantom instruments can perform as harmonization tools to support imaging studies, interrogate the quality of diffusion datasets, and detect bad data and sources of error. 

We want to ensure that MR systems produce high quality, reliable datasets, and that only data verified to be free from error sources is used to plan patient treatments.

This approach to MR imaging may lead to a higher quality of life for neurosurgical patients, better performing and more confident clinical teams, and lower costs for healthcare systems. 

Our phantoms are applicable to clinical areas such as neuro-oncology, traumatic brain injury, degenerative diseases, and epilepsy. We can also support companies that are evaluating new data sources and developing new neuromedical devices.

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The Phantom X

The Phantom X is the first of our products to demonstrate our capability to create anisotropic diffusion modules with fully parameterized bifurcations and intersections.

Establish ground truth on the quality, accuracy and dependability of any preoperative image scan ahead of surgery or treatment.

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Evaluate Your Data

Does your research’s success and validity depend on quality MRI data? 

We see a long-term opportunity for you to supplement your data by leveraging our growing library. MR data sharing is available for both clinical research communities and MR hardware manufacturers. 

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