PreOperative Performance is attending the ISMRM Diffusion MRI Workshop

Next week, we’re heading to Amsterdam next week to attend the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s (ISMRM) workshop on Diffusion MRI: From Research to Clinic. The workshop runs from October 10 to 14 at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre. 

Flyer for the ISMRM Workshop in Amsterdam
ISMRM’s flyer for the Diffusion MRI workshop in Amsterdam form October 10-14, 2022.

PreOperative Performance is proud to sponsor the workshop. According to the organizers, it aims to establish, “a common vision for the field and what is needed for its translation to everyday clinical practice.” 

The workshop is designed for a variety of audiences, including:

Fergal Kerins, founder of PreOperative Performance, will attend and showcase the Phantom X and other technology to the attendees. 

“We’re delighted to attend this workshop,” said Kerins. “MR imaging has the ability to help so many patients with neurological conditions, and the number of applications for our technology are expanding. For example, anisotropic diffusion phantom products have applicability as a control group for imaging biomarker studies and may support data harmonization across different sites, among other applications. The ISMRM workshop is an excellent opportunity to connect with current and future leaders in the field, and  discuss opportunities to advance their work through our enabling tools.”

Hope to see you there!  

About PreOperative Performance

Based in Toronto, Canada, we are a seed-stage company with unique technology that supports MR scan accuracy. Our vision is for every patient and clinician to enter treatment with the confidence that they’re working from the best-possible MR data. In the long run, we want our products and programs to help accelerate the rate of successful outcomes from neurology.